St. Laurence Parent’s Day Out is about service and relationship. We serve each child placed in our care by providing that child with a secure and engaging learning environment. We serve each family by employing caring, professional staff to teach their children. We serve God through the work we do each day, partnering with families to share the truth of God’s love in a comprehensive academic curriculum.

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“Such a blessing….”

“St. Laurence PDO is completely unique. My daughter loves coming here. She loves spending time with her friends and she adores her teachers. I appreciate that not only is she learning here, but she gets to feel the love of Christ each time she comes to class. She loves chapel; it’s her favorite time of day.

She’s so happy when I drop her off; she’s happy when I pick her up. It comforts me to know that she’s growing not just educationally, but spiritually as well. It’s obvious that her teachers have a calling from God to love, teach and nurture our children, and there is no where else I’d rather have my daughter.”

“Volunteering: a wonderful opportunity…”

“I was able to come and read to the children here at St. Laurence Parent’s Day Out, and they were so precious. From the moment I came in, I saw lots of learning happening. The teacher was helping them to learn the letter C, and used my name as a teachable moment, introducing me by saying that my name started with ‘C,’ and sounding it out for the children.

One thing I really noticed was that manners were a part of the learning. One of the little girls introduced herself to me - you could tell they had been working on introductions. She shook my hand, she looked me in the eye, and she said her name. It was so impressive, actually.

The teachers were very interactive with the children. I saw a very warm, nurturing, God-centered, safe environment. I would love to send my children here, if only they were still little!”

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“We could not be more pleased…

…with the St. Laurence Parent’s Day Out program! God has provided the perfect program, with the perfect teachers for us! We can see and hear God shine through every aspect of the program. Our daughter is constantly telling us about what she did in chapel, doing the Sign of the Cross, talking about Holy Water, and reciting the Lord’s Prayer! She impresses us daily, and I know it is because of Ms. Cherie and Ms. Katie, and everyone else involved in teaching these precious children. 

Her imagination and the way she plays  have greatly expanded, she is recognizing letters and numbers, and comes home singing new songs all the time. 

There are not enough good things we can say about this program! We look forward to watching it grow over the years, and we plan to send our son as soon as he is old enough!”