2 girls enjoy play time at St. Laurence Church's Parent's Day Out.
Parent's Day Out teacher leading a lesson.

A Look At Our Day

We begin and end our day together in Circle Time, setting the theme, celebrating birthdays and praying for each other. Teachers and children then engage in learning through reading and math centers, individual instruction, small groups and dramatic play. We provide a healthy snack each morning for our students. Next we have chapel, learning about God through bible stories, songs and memory verses in the Anglican Tradition. After chapel, we have lunch back in our classrooms. We have outdoor play every day that weather allows, and indoor recess for the days when the weather doesn’t. In the afternoon, we’ll have more learning time, as well as special activities, like music, art and science. We recap our day in our closing Circle Time with song and prayer, thanking God for the day we’ve had together.