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The children are learning so quickly! They continue to amaze us every day with their love and their accomplishments. They know the sign of the cross and the Lord’s Prayer, they know that God loves them and calls them by name, and that they are WONderfully made! (Psalm 139:14)

They have learned the routine of the day and can tell us what comes next. Their curiosity is unbounded: they ‘hunt’ for shapes with our shape-hunting lenses, they love to investigate in the science center (they also love the word ‘investigate!’) and oh, my! How they enjoy dramatic play in the home learning center! They are counting and sorting and stacking and marching and singing; they practice writing their names and they are busy, but never too busy for a story or to help out a friend.


Our Pumpkin Patch was a big hit! Everyone enjoyed exploring the different kinds of pumpkins and choosing little white ones for our painting project. Some even told the scarecrow all about it!


Thank you, Southlake DPS, for visiting us!

The Southlake Fire Department came out to visit us, letting the children see their firefighting gear and sit in the fire truck. They were a big hit, but the children were a big hit with them, as well, showing off their Stop, Drop & Roll skills!


Thank you…

to the women of WonderLove School Photography for such lovely photos of our children! Of course, we think they had wonderful subjects to work with, too!